Music is life and life is music…

From playing on Grammy Award winning records to hit broadway shows like Hamilton and Waitress, Jeff Kerestes is at home in the studio or on any stage. His musicianship, attention to detail and professionalism have paved the way for a vast and diverse career in the music industry.

Brooklyn, NY to Portland, OR

During the pandemic, Jeff and his family relocated to Portland, OR. The Pacific Northwest is full of new inspiration and has opened the door to a new chapter in Jeff’s musical journey. Focusing more on production and writing, his home studio has played host to a number of local and national artist as well as been his home base for remote recording and writing sessions.

Jeff has a degree in Jazz Performance from Arizona State University and has received multiple awards for Musicianship from Berklee College of Music. His endorsements include Fender, Moog, Jim Dunlop/MXR, TC Electronic, Spectraflex Cables and Mono Cases.

Let’s create something…

“Creating is what it’s all about, I want to help artists uncover the sounds that make up their musical vision and find new ones they’ve never thought of. Let’s make something fresh and new and have fun while we do it.” – Jeff